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Complex Projects Completed On Time and to Relevant Standards


Helms Plumbing Services has recently completed a range of complex projects including the following:

1. Construction of 70 meters of 150mm threaded sewer by boring, end of line inspection shaft, sewer manhole and 100mm property sewer branch & boundary trap in Burke Rd, Camberwell.

2. Construction of 94 meters of 150 threaded sewer by laser boring, sewer manholes & 150mm property sewer branches in Railway Place, Fairfield.

3. Boring under roadway from inside property boundary, supply and installation of 125mm main poly line from inside property boundary to new and existing meters in Victoria St, Footscray.

4. 70m of 300mm bored and open cut council stormwater barrel drain in a nature strip at 4.0m deep at Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn.

5. Construction of 2 x 4.2m deep sewer manholes and horizontal boring under tram tracks in Riversdale Rd, Hawthorn for 112 apartments. Night operations. 

6. Facilitating a 120mm water tapping & bore in Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn. This project required a poly water line to be installed via boring method under Camberwell Rd and connected to the existing main for 120 apartments. Night operations requiring 16 traffic management personnel. 

7. 450m of 225mm, 150mm & 100mm sewer mains & 8 sewer manholes for 210 apartments in La Scala Ave, Maribrynong.

8. 2 x 180mm water tappings in Bay Rd, Sandringham for 192 Apartments on opposite side of roadway. This project required a full road shutdwon, open cut method & roadway reinstatement.